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      Machines Online Information Directory

      Solenoid Valves
      Industrial Controls is the industry leader in hvac, combustion, solenoid valves and process automation controls since 1976.

      eShopping-Directory.com - Shopping Directory

      Titanium Metal Supply Inc Titanium Metal Supply Inc, supplies titanium mill products to the metal finishing industries including aerospace, architectural, automotive, biomedical, chemical processing, industrial, marine, oil, and others. We are a stocking distributor, and full service source of titanium mill products.

      cncmachines - cnc machines information, center for all kinds of cnc,cnc lathe,homemadecnc,cnc articles, market place and cnc news  

      Mirka Sandpaper | Abrasives | Abranet | Jepuflex
      Just Sandpaper - UK specialists in direct supply of sandpapers and sanding tools. Our product range includes: Mirka Jepuflex, Abranet, Abralon and Hiomant.

      Shuttleworth conveyor systems.
      At Shuttleworth, we work to create a solution for your material handling challenge. When you need a conveyor system that will accumulate, flip, stack, rotate, push, divert or index your products between manufacturing processes, we can design and build it.

      Specialist suppliers of precision cutting
      Specialist suppliers of precision cutting, lapping and polishing machines for use in semiconductor, photonics, optics and earth science industries.

      Crane Scales, Dynamometers, Load Cells Eilon Engineering dynamometers, hanging scales, load cells and crane scales are load, tension and force measurement devices used for weighing during liftingCrane Scales, Dynamometers, Load Cells RON crane scales, dynamometers, overload detectors, load cells and hanging scales..

      Pressure Transducer, Proximity Sensor and Flow Sensors Pressure Transducer and Proximity Sensor - Machine Design offers engineers information they need for a pressure transducer, proximity sensor, pressure sensor or flow sensors. 

       Cutting Tools, Router Bits & Carbide Drill Bits American Machinist provides useful information regarding router bits, carbide drill bits, plasma cutting and many other cutting tools.

      Linear Motion, Rotary Table, Linear Slides BWC specializes in linear motion bearings, linear slides, rotary tables, systems and components.  

      http://www.atozpumps.com All about pumps. Comprehensive information.

      YoYsearch - a web portal with ten types of search

      Hydraulics Web Everything Hydraulics, from Ac Hydraulics to White Hydraulics. 

      IRT Online CNC

      Everything Power Tools, from 12v Impact Wrench to Woodworking Power Tools. 


      http://www.atozpumps.com All about pumps. Comprehensive information.

      http://www.repairsdepot.com A deep repairs and parts resource directory.

      Industrial laser marking systems laser engraving Alase Technologies manufactures industrial laser marking systems

      http://www.chipsystemsintl.com/infloor-conveyors-centrifuges.htmlChip Processing - Chip Systems International
      Chip Systems International offers a variety of specialized
      chip processing solutions including centrifuges and conveyors

      KwMap.com - browse Keyword Map of the Internet

      Ceramics Today Ceramics Today is a comprehensive site exploring all aspects of ceramics and pottery. Here you will find the web's largest regularly maintained ceramics links database of around 1500 ceramics links, hundreds of articles, the 'Pot of the Week', 'Website of the Week', a new feature article every week and more.

      http://www.riversidepapercompany.com - Shipping and Packaging Products by Riverside Paper Co. Inc: A Manufacturer, Converter and Distributor, of shipping, packaging and warehouse products; boxes, tapes, pallet wrap film, shrink film, mailers, staples and staplers, strapping, packaging equipment, chipboard boxes, poly bags, paper bags, wr

      Industrial Directory - Directory of Industrial Manufacturers and Suppliers.

      Uninterruptible Power Supply & Power Conditioner Supplies Sola/Hevi-Duty specializes in uninterruptible power supply and power conditioner supplies, din rail, and surge suppressors.  

      http://www.tjak.com/how.html-  Mfrs of the T-JAK Support tools, used to install kitchen wall cabinets, drywall ceilings, soffits, crown moldings, decorative beams, light fixtures. The T-JAK drywall tool easily adjusts from 53" to 96" to support up to 400lbs. It also has very fine adjustments for cabinet installations.

      www.service-grinding-company.com- Regrind to sharpen, Industrial knives, circular knives, abrasive slitter, machine , score cutter, blades, regrinding, knife, quality circular slitter knives.

      http://www.the-nerds.org- The New England Rubbish Deconstruction Society. The first American team to compete in the series(Junkyard Wars).

       Business Services - Consulting, Design, Translation, Customer Management and more

      CNC Advisor - Your source for CNC products

       Ruhim Webengine ;

      Laserpointer: Green Laser pointer, Presentation Tools, Gadgets at laserpointers.co.uk
      Laserpointers.co.uk sells laser pointers and Green Laser Pointers at outstanding Prices with Same Day FREE dispatch

      http://www.natfire.com/ National Fireproofing Company- Suppliers of fireproofing materials, caulks and fire retardant chemicals. Product data, specifications, glossary..

      http://www.lippold.dk-Quality translations Danish/English to German. Export consultancy for Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

      http://www.kea-audio.com/en/index.html- Kea Audio.- Manufacturers of audiophile quality loudspeakers for the enthusiast, involving revolutionary cone technology mixed with mathematically astute enclosure design. l  


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